Solutions for your company
We are an agile company with a dynamic environment and an engaged team, with the right combination of people, processes and technology to ensure the quality of products and services developed for our customers leveraging digital transformation.

IT Projects and Consulting

TQI develops, integrates systems (through methodologies and widely used and conceptualized technologies such as SOA architecture and Web Services), manages business processes focused on optimizing Company's results, through the improvement of its processes (BPM) and solutions and appropriate projects to the most diverse vertical business market.
ur team is trained and qualified to carry out your delivery in an agile and safe way, we use methodologies and processes that assure the union between the development and the operation of your solution. We understand delivery in a unique and non-segmented way, we work united and deliver together!
We use the best methods to facilitate deployment and management on Cloud platforms. Our practices unite agile models and all the benefits of a Cloud environment, our architecture allows scalability, resiliency and stability. We care about the best use of computing resources, reducing costs and increasing the lifetime of your investment. W
Log Control
LogControl is an integrated solution of Technology, Operational Team and Consultants specialized in the delivery of goods. With LogControl, the user has a permanent metric analysis of the level of service in the different steps that make up the process of dispatch, proof of delivery and collection of documents and orders. It receives information online, 24 by 7, that allows a fast decision making and has an agile operational team, able to fulfill all the technical, administrative and bureaucratic formalities with the logistics partners.
NaMão is a platform developed for companies to increase employee engagement. It allows a quick search of the benefits for the employees and the partners the company has. It also displays news of the organization and enables intranet access to its collaborators. Always have at hand the advantages that your company offers. It can be found at the Apple Store and Google Play.

Professional Services

We closely monitor our consultants who are allocated in customer’s sites, showing transparency and agility in offering our services to the customer’s managers, while continuing to worry about the productivity, assiduity and motivation of our professionals